English Clubs Send Scouts to Watch Bundesliga Thriller

English Premier League clubs Arsenal and Liverpool were among the teams that sent scouts to assess players during the Bundesliga match between Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig. The game was filled with ups and downs, and two players in particular caught the attention of the scouts: Havertz-Simons, who used to play in Ligue 1 and currently belongs to Paris Saint-Germain, and Updanda. French U21 internationals Semacan and Lukeba were also closely watched and included in the assessment.

According to HITC, Havertz-Simons, Updanda, as well as Leverkusen's Flimpong and Palacios were the four main targets for Arsenal's scouting team. Additionally, Arsenal has been linked to Semacan by several reputable media outlets, while Lukeba, a versatile left-back, is also an intriguing choice for the club.

Liverpool, on the other hand, focused their attention on Updanda's performance and were impressed by his winning goal. Meanwhile, Manchester City had their eyes on Wirtz, as Pep Guardiola's team is hoping to bring in the midfield maestro. Manchester United, who are in search of a striker, were monitoring Scesko's performance. The Red Devils also showed interest in Flimpong.

Scouts from Tottenham Hotspur, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Napoli, and West Ham United were also present at the match, indicating the widespread interest in the players' performances.

Player Performances:

Updanda: Playing as a central forward, he had 2 shots and scored 1 goal. He had 31 touches, made 1 key pass, won 9 out of 5 duels, was fouled 4 times, and successfully completed 2 dribbles out of 2 attempts.

Havertz-Simons: Playing as an attacking midfielder, he had 1 shot and scored 1 goal. He had 46 touches, made 3 key passes, won 15 out of 6 duels, successfully completed 4 dribbles out of 3 attempts, and made 2 successful tackles.

Lukeba: Playing as a left central defender, he had 67 touches, completed 92% of his passes, made 5 successful long passes out of 3 attempts, made 1 clearance, won 2 out of 1 duel, and was not beaten by the opposition.

Semacan: Playing as a right-back, he made 5 defensive actions, including 1 interception, 1 block, 1 clearance, 2 successful tackles, and was not beaten by the opposition. He won 6 out of 5 duels, and attempted 1 successful dribble.

These performances showcased the talent and potential of the players, capturing the interest of various clubs' scouting teams. It remains to be seen if any potential transfers or signings will result from this intense scouting effort.